Our RaceWrap package is designed for Race panels and beyond...

Made from templated parts to fit and suit your bike and design. Approx 90% coverage can be achieved, with any gaps in panels, designed to match the livery.

We have no limits on the make and model as we either fully template or revise existing templates for your panels as part of the service. All panels are different and we make the effort to ensure best fit possible for all.

We use premium quality, tried and tested materials. Our Secret-Sauce wrap, is envied far and wide with good reason; over 7 years of development from Club to BSB, always the same great quality.

There are many options for colour and finish, we just need an idea or guide for design and we’ll handle the rest. We can make replicas of your classic faves, but we always like to put in a twist to make it original and yours.

We ask to have the bike for 2 weeks, to fully complete the pack for you, ready to roll.

Design and proof is included and we aim for first draft, approx 1 week prior to your bike’s arrival. This may extend during the template stage.

The only thing you need to do is make sure the panels are clean and in good order, and remove all old graphics and adhesive.


RaceWrap prices and store examples.


The pack is sectioned so we can also supply packs or parts for replacement at a later date should you need. No full pack costs if you only need one side for example. All designed for the easiest self-fit possible.

Check out the store for inspiration:

RatMally RaceWrap

Get in touch to discuss your pack.


We cannot use Copyright and restricted brand logos in your design unless authorised. We work closely with main dealers to allow use of some trademarks where suitable.

We reserve the right to use all images taken by us, during and after the process, for our promotional purpose.

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